Jennifer Hanzlick, pictured above and owner of the hoarding cleanup company - Clutter Trucker, became increasingly frustrated with the lack of hoarding support to people who WANT to make a change.

It is her vision to eliminate the word ‘hoarder’ as an identity.


Individuals who struggle with hoarding are creative, smart, caring, loving, funny, and no different than you.

Her business, Clutter Trucker, is an answer to the symptom of hoarding. She ultimately wants to help with the root of the cause.

She sees the goodness and light in every person and sees the possibility of uncovering and guiding them to their best self.  

Hoarding disorder has lacked in research and understanding. Our communities and authorities do not understand how to actually help.

They treat people with hoarding disorder as criminals with red tape, inspections, evictions, and possible jail time. Versus understanding and compassion – they should see them as a human not a ‘hoarder’.

There were so many people that wanted to help but didn’t know how – Jennifer has created the virtual coaching program to enable these people to become coaches.